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Hello :)
I’m Victor Rosato,
a Product Designer from Brazil.

Currently at Mercado Livre - one of the biggest tech companies in Latin America.

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Mercado Pago

I've been designing payment experiences inside Mercado Pago, the digital wallet by Mercado Livre, the biggest ecommerce in Latin America. Focused on finance organization and management tools.

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Itaú Abreconta
★★★★★ 4.8

Abreconta is the gateway of Itaú's digital clients. I helped to redesign the app to create a more friendly experience while the user was setting up it’s bank account.

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Wikipedia Redesign Concept

I've used my spare time to study the UX design process and challenge myself on a project from start to finish delivering a redesigned experience for Wikipedia.

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Telefonica Vivo World Cup Hotsite

I was responsible for creating the Telefonica Vivo Hotsite for Soccer World Cup 2018 sponsorship campaign.

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