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Webmotors Driving Undistracted

A digital advertising campaign whose delivered an experience focused on helping people to not use their phones while driving sponsored by Webmotors, the greatest Brazilian car selling portal.



The Challenge
& Idea

1.3 million is the number of accidents related to smartphone use while driving. So Webmotors wanted to use their portal to do something and give a alert to people about this big issue on traffic.

First, the user would see a crashed car selling ad on their search on Webmotors. After they would be redirected to a page showing info about this issue and at the end he would be invited to download an app that would help him to not use de smartphone while driving.


The logo & the "mascot"

First we needed to give the communication a soft art direction and thinking about the app at the end of the journey we needed to make everything to converge and be part of the same design. 

Some first logo studies

Everyone (including guys on Webmotors) loved the logo with the character so we decided to go with it and make some improvements. Thats when the 3D artists showed up to do their magic.

First my design and them the 3D artist version

The logo went up the way we wanted to be: soft and friendly. With the mascot that would be the helping friend on our app.

Logo in portuguese


The Car Ads & the Landing Page

For each car ad that was showed in the site, we had a story behind that car accident. So wen the user clicked on it, it took him to the landing page related to the story of the car. We had a total of 10 heart touching stories.

Webmotors site (left) and all the crashed car ads (right)


After clicking on the banner, the user was taken to the Landing Page:

While creating the langing page I thought that was interesting to have a simple concept on its navigation, so I thought that while you scroll you could see the car parts as a trail of an accident.

Access it here:


Responsive Design


The app

We created a app that indetified when the car is moving so it silenced all the notifications on the smartphone and showed messages to the user when he tried to access it while driving.