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Wikipedia Redesign Concept

I've used my spare time to study the UX design process and challenge myself on a project from start to finish delivering a redesigned experience for Wikipedia.




    • Make it simple, comfortable to browse and easy adaptable to other devices.
    • Explore the UX Research process and the impact in the final design.
    • Study and experiment with UI Design.
    • Create an enjoyable experience




My goal here was to recreate the experience of the main pages from Wikipedia.
So I've focused on Home, Portal Home and Article pages with it’s main interactions.



I first started looking on what we have today, what could be improved? What is already good? The visual itself could all be improved, but what else? Is there anything on the experience that could be better? So I started pointing some things that I think that could be improved.


Personas & Journeys

I've talked to people and asked what they think about Wikipedia. I ended up creating 4 personas that I believe are the main type of users and also mapped their journey using the tool.

After the analysis and planning part I've discovered that people don't trust Wikipedia at all. So I felt that Wikipedia experiencie should be improved to make it feel a more trustful experience.


" Wikipedia has to be the search
mechanism for knowledge.

The experience that I wanted to create should be simple and visual appealing, yet trustful. With this in mind I've created this phrase above to synthesise that. So I believe that my Wikipedia should've been some sort of a mixture of these two guys:


Information Architecture

First I've designed the site map and them the wireframes. Always with the term "simplification" in mind. This part of the process helped me to think in a more hierarchical way.

Explore the Wireframe yourself: https://invis.io/MCJ253I65TV


Visual Design


Portal Home

Search & Index