Hello, my name
is Victor Rosato.

I connect people and business through design.

About me

I’ve been working on companies from 10 to 100,000 employees and with a lot of cool brands facing different design challenges.
My passion is to create enjoyable products that people love to use.

Currently at Globo. Former Mercado Pago, Itaú, Wunderman.

Cartola FC

I'm leading the UX initiatives in a team with other 4 designers inside Cartola FC, the most loved Fantasy Football Game in Brazil.

Designing some of the most anticipated features by the users in years, I'm also working in partner with business team and also US and UK partners on new Cartola products to be released in the future.

Mercado Pago
payment agenda

I've designed this new feature that allows the user to receive its bills inside the app.


Design framework: Mercado Pago bill payments flow

As the feature started to grow in other countries, it was essential to have a framework and a set of definitions to help iterate faster on the product while maintaining consistency.

I helped design a systemic vision to help development on using our design system library integrated to a unified user flow in all countries that we were working on.

Case study: Soon

Itaú Abreconta

Abreconta is the gateway of Itaú's digital client's which I helped to redesign the full app for a more friendly experience in the setting of the bank account flow.

Wikipedia Redesign Concept

Used my spare time to challenge me on a personal project to deliver a redesigned experience for Wikipedia.

The product designer’s glossary

A list of terms and acronyms that every product professional is likely to hear.


Brands that I've worked with


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